Embedded barcode scanners in parking lots, highway toll booths,ETC. Feb 11 , 2022

Embedded barcode scanners in parking lots, highway toll booths

Embed the QR code scanning module into the parking lot, Highway Toll Station,ETC, can realize contactless and fast payment,this convenient payment method,more and more favored by various customers. Aswe all know,due to the attack of the COVID-19, more and more people prefer contactless payment, this payment method is not only safe, and fast, with the improvement of national economic strength, more and more people choose to drive their own private cars to travel, parking lots and ETC need faster and more convenient payment mode.The use of QR code scanning modules to improve efficiency is animperative

By using the QR code scanning module and giving full play to its QR code collection, decoding and data transmission performance, it takes only a few seconds to complete thescanning code payment, speeding up the driver'spassage and saving people's precious time. This is also the technical trend of QR code recognition technology based on the IOT big data era.Associating digital money and life, itrealizes intelligent, green and convenient way of travel.

Product Recommendation.

V68 QR code scanning module is a cell phone QR code scanner specially customized by Guangzhou Jingxin (LONVILL) for parking lots, high-speed toll booths(ETC), andother long-distance scanning application scenarios. Many customers like this long-distance scanning module very much. They install it on the self-service machine and the iPhone can achieve 1-1.5m long-distance scanning.

It can accurately read 1D/2D barcodes on cell phone screens. It provides powerful decoding function and can adapt to various types of film screen barcode with low brightness and large data volume to meet the demand of large traffic volume.V68 scanner module adopts international leading CMOS image-based intelligent graphic decoding technology, and it has good reading performance for code information on cell phone screen. It can easily read barcode information in the environment of dark screen, color film, strong light and low light of cell phone screen. It is the most reliable barcode identification module choice for domestic and foreign gate manufacturers, which speeds up the circulation of gates while improving the experience ofpassers-by!

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