Embedded barcode scanning module for automatic checkout system Nov 12 , 2021

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Embedded barcode scanning module for automatic checkout system

In order to solve the problem of insufficient manpower, RT-Mart, Walmart and other major supermarket chains in China introduced self-checkout machines. This self-checkout equipment does not need to be operated by cashiers, consumers can simply put their purchases under the special checkout machine and scan them, and the checkout can be completed immediately. This device is cleverly installed with a fixed QR code scanning module and an embedded mobile phone screen QR code reader, which reduces labor costs in supermarkets and improves checkout efficiency.

How does self-checkout equipment improve efficiency? Each product in the supermarket has its own bar code. As long as you scan this bar code, the self-service cash registers can record the price, production date, and shelf life of the product. Save a lot of time for customers.

On the basis of a full understanding of self-checkout systems, Guangzhou Jingxin LONVILL provides a solution to charge by scanning codes for independent cash register equipment. It integrates scanning hardware such as a two-dimensional code scanner module and an embedded 2D code reader into the self-service cash register management system, and uses the scanning module to read the information of the goods. It can effectively improve the efficiency of cash register and reduce labor costs.

2d QR code scanner module is introduced into the self-owned cashier system equipment, forming an intelligent collection solution.

Guangzhou Jingxin has successful cases in the application of barcode technology in many industries, especially in embedded barcode recognition technology. We can provide a series of products suitable for various scenarios, such as fixed mount scanners,stationary scanner,embedded QR code readers, embedded barcode scanners for self-service machine , bar code scanning modules, barcode reading engines, and self-identification product technical solutions,etc.These products are all stable in performance and cost effective.

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