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Fixed barcode scanning for seafood product lines Oct 13 , 2022

Fixed barcode scanning for seafood product traceability


In Germany, seafood products are required to be traceable. All aspects of seafood sold at stalls, from production, processing, storage, transport and sale, must be recorded and documented. Seafood products must also be labelled with the producer, production process, origin and company name, production date and shelf life, certification label, etc. on the packaging label. This way, if a problem is identified, the root cause can be found. So how do you complete the traceability process? Traceability solutions based on commodity barcodes (known internationally as the "GS1 standard") are used in more than 60 countries worldwide. During the production process, manufacturers need to record each product, and this requires the use of barcode scanning equipment. When each product is finished being packaged, the barcode scanner automatically scans the QR code on the packaging and records the relevant information in the barcode to facilitate product traceability later.


1. In order to maintain the freshness of seafood products, the packaging workshop environment is cold and humid, the barcode scanner needs to be able to be used at low temperatures and needs strong waterproof performance.

2. In the production line, product barcodes need to be scanned under moving conditions, therefore, fixed scanning needs to be able to scan fast moving barcodes


The A6500 fxed mount barcode scanner is suitable for barcode scanning on fast production lines and is certified to IP67, with good waterproof, water and dust resistance. It can also be decoded quickly and accurately at zero degrees Celsius.

The A6500's software and quality hardware make it ideal for reading barcodes quickly and accurately on high-speed packaging lines, orreading label barcodes and DPM codes in a variety of industrial environments. For example, decoding hard-to-read DPM codes on challenging automotive component surfaces, reading and tracking mini-DPM codes on medical devices.

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