Barcode scanner module

Handheld Industrial DPM Barcode Scanner

A140(1D/2D): The A140 is a wired handheld barcode scanner designed for Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications. With configurable tools, the A140 2d code scanner has powerful decoding capabilities for laser etching, inkjet, firing pin dot etching, thermal transfer printing and other forms of barcode.

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    Western Union, T/T, paypal
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    Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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    152g ((No data cable included)
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    Guangdong ,Shenzhen
  • Decode Capability:

  • Dimension:

    75 (w)*158(D)*103 (H)(mm)
  • Interface:

    USB、RS232、Virtual COM Port
  • Image Sensor:

  • Warranty:

    1 Year
  • Illumination:

    White point light source/red point light source/blue point light source
  • Resolution:

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A140 is a handheld industrial barcode scanner designed for direct part marking (DPM) applications. Equipped with intelligent light source switching function, the light source type is automatically adjusted according to the different status of the barcode to be decoded. Through the configuration tool, the scanner function can be diversified, and it has powerful decoding ability for laser etching, ink spraying, firing pin dot engraving, thermal transfer printing and other forms of barcode.

Product features

1. Excellent DPM decoding capability

Adopt LONVILL third generation decoding technology, with excellent reading performance, can be widely used in general carrier barcode and direct part mark (DPM) barcode scanning and reading.

2. Multi-color LED lighting system
Using intelligent switchable white/red/blue point light source lighting system

3. Intelligent decoding adjustment and learning function
Intelligent ten calculations to remember the best decoding light source and parameters, with the setting software, the scanner function can be diversified settings.

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Image Sensor



Single Point Laser


White point light source/red point light source/blue point light source



UPCA,UPCE,EAN8,EAN13, Code 128,Code 39,Code 93,Codabar,Plessey,MSI, Interleaved 2 of 5,etc.


Data Matrix,QR Code,Micro QR,etc.

Reading accuracy

1D:≥3 mil,2D:≥5 mil

Scan mode

Manual mode,Auto-sensing mode, continuous scanning mode

Typical  Depth of Field

Code 39 (3 mil):18 mm~60 mm

Data Matrix(5 mil):10 mm~70 mm

Data Matrix(10 mil):0mm~130 mm

QR Code (5 mil):10 mm~60 mm

QR Code (9 mil):10 mm~90 mm)

Field of View 

Horizontal 46°, vertical 35°


152g ((No data cable included)

Symbol  Contrast



75 (w)*158(D)*103 (H)(mm)

Tip method

Buzzer, LED Indicator, Vibrator


USB、RS232、Virtual COM Port

Operating Voltage

DC 5V±5%

Current@DC 5V

Operating:300 mA ±5% (typical), 450 mA ±5% (maximum)

Standby :100 mA ±5%



Drop height

1.5 meters

Operating  Temperature


Storage  Temperature



5% to 95%  non-condensing  

Static Protection

±12 kV (air discharge), ±8 kV (direct discharge)


1 Year

International Certificates


wired 2d barcode gun

wired barcode scanner

Application Scenarios

Traceability of electronic and electrical manufacturing management

Mobile phone production assembly manufacturing management traceability

Retrospective metalworker manufacturing management

Automotive component manufacturing management traceability

Medical device manufacturing management traceability

laser 2d barcode scanner

laser 2d bar code scanning

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