Barcode scanner module

Hands-Free USB Mobile Payment Desktop Barcode Scanner

V2(1D/2D): Efficient identification scanning ;Automatic induction ;large window scan;plug and play ;green low power consumption;Good sport tolerance;Hands-free scanning.

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    Western Union, T/T, paypal
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    Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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    Guangdong ,Shenzhen
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    2 Years
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Efficient identification scanning;

Automatic induction;

pay treasure,wechat pay;

large window scan;

plug and play;

green low power consumption;

Good sport tolerance;

Hands-free scanning.

desktop barcode scanner

handsfree desktop barcode scanner

handsfree desktop barcode scanner

desktop barcode scanner

usb barcode scanner

Light Source

White LED, can be set on or off

Communication Distance

Blue tooth unobstructed transmission up to 20m

Operating Voltage


Scanner Method


Operating Environment


Operating Current


Storage Environment


Operating Humidity


Storage Humidity




Tip Method

Buzzer, can be set on or off


About 270g


code39,code128,codabar, code93, EAN-13 i25, gs1, databar, qr code,etc.

mobile payment barcode scanner

2d desktop barcode scanner

2d desktop barcode scanner

Application scenarios

pharmacies, retail stores, coffee shops, bookstores, mini-markets

2d desktop barcode scanner

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