Happy New Years Jan 14 , 2022


Spring Festival refers to the traditional lunar New Year in the Chinese cultural circle, commonly known as the "New Year Festival",is the most grand traditional festival of the Chinese nation.

The Spring Festival originated from the ancestor worship activities at the end of the year during the Yin Shang period, and is one of the grandest, liveliest and most important ancient traditional festivals in China. In Chinese folklore, Spring Festival is traditionally celebrated from the eighth day of December or the twenty-third or twenty-fourth day of December until the fifteenth day of the first month, with New Year's Eve and the first day of the first month as the orgasms.

During the Spring Festival, various events are held to celebrate the event for both the Han Chinese and some ethnic minorities in China. These activities are mainly focused on worshipping ancestral gods, paying homage to ancestors, removing the old and bringing in the new, welcoming good fortune and praying for a good year. The activities of Spring Festival are rich and colorful, with strong characteristics of each ethnic group. Influenced by Chinese culture, some countries and ethnic groups belonging to the Chinese cultural circle also celebrate the Chinese New Year.

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