Healthcare Sep 28 , 2021

The new model of intelligent care, so that the patient's status is "in the hands"

Vaccine traceability

Use IOT technology to strengthen the management of the whole process of circulation, cold chain distribution as well as the using segment. Using LONVILL handheld terminal scanning technology to record information on vaccine sales, storage, transportation, distribution and use to achieve traceability of the entire process of production, storage, transportation, and use of the smallest packaging unit of a vaccine.

Drug Traceability

Using LONVILL handheld barcode scanner PDA to record \ read drug barcode information, real-timely control the drug inventory status, circulation information, timely recall the problematic products, ensure the legitimacy of sales channels, ensure drug quality and safety; realize full-channel transparency, prevent false data, collusion, and other problems.

Logistics Sorting of Chain Warehouse of Drugstore

After the drugs arrive at the warehouse, use the LONVILL handheld terminal PDA barcode scanner to scan the drug barcode and shelf barcode to shelve the drugs according to the stock position; deliver the drugs according to the picking instructions (storage position, types, specification, lot number, and quantity) on the LONVILL mobile computer to achieve accurate picking; regularly check inventory of the responsible area to ensure that the inventory is consistent with the actual goods.

Chain Pharmacy Store Management

By the automatic data collection and wireless real-time transmission function of LONVILL handheld PDA data collector, you could real-time manage the business data such as replenishment, goods shelving and adjustment, price verification, and inventory checking, supervise and manage the inventory, production date and sales of drugs in stores.

Real-time communication

LONVILL handheld portable mobile computer support voice communication.  It can realize real-time dialogue and communication among hospital staff by making phone calls or through 4G or WIFI wireless network, supporting one-to-one dialogue or one-to-many communication; it is conducive to strengthening the collaboration and mutual assistance among the medical and nursing staff and enhancing work efficiency.

Sample collection

When collecting signs from a patient, the LONVILL handheld terminal is used to find the corresponding sign collection instructions, enter the execution interface, scan the patient's wristband to confirm the patient's identity information and confirm that the sample is correct. Connect the PDA with the printer at patient's bedside, print a sample label containing the patient's information. Then attach this label to the outside of the sample container after collection. This allows nurses to collect samples from multiple patients at the same time without worrying about sample mix-ups. In this way, the better efficiency achieved.

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