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How to solve the problem of barcode scanning under direct sunlight? Sep 13 , 2022


In Saudi Arabia, the sunlight is usually disturbing the QR code scanners because of too much light heating the scanner.

In direct sunlight outdoor parking lot, a customer takes his phone out to scan a barcode at thefee window. The speed and accuracy of barcode scanning was affected by the intense sunlight.


Select LONVILL's Y80 embedded barcode scanner

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The Y80 is an area image engine for barcode reading. It includes eight illumination LEDs, two Good Read LEDs, one 12-pin FPC connector and two 8-pin box connectors.

TheY80 contains:

• 1  Cmos sensor

• 8  Illumination LED

• 6 Indicator LED

embed fixed barcode scanner


The normal use of the Y80 barcode scanner is subject to the environmental requirements in the table below.

Operating Temperature

-40℃ to 70℃

Storage Temperature

-40℃ to 75℃


5% ~95%(Non-Condesing)

This Y80 embedded barcode scanner is not afraid of complete darkness and direct light scenarios, ideal for outdoor barcode scanning.

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