Innovation Accomplishes the Future-LONVILL Sep 28 , 2021

Innovation Accomplishes the Future

“Gather the potential to inspire new ideas, work together for a win-win situation”.On October 21st, we participated in a technology-exchanging meeting organized by our headquarters,RAKINDA Group. As a high-level and high-standard technical exchange meeting, this meeting not only invited technical experts in thisindustry, but also attracted technical specialists from many enterprises.

long rang barcode scanner

Professor Li pointed out that if the industry is to flourish, we must continue to innovate technology and bring forth the new. Indeed, as a company with more than 20 years of experience in this industry, we are well aware of the importance of technological innovation,that’s the reason why we keep launching a new product every month. Take the bar code scanner gun as an example. At first, it was only wired. Later, a wireless version was introduced.Then the product function was innovated. Now we have 1D/2D image scanner, multi-function data collector with bluetooth, wifi function, Qr Code scanner module.

1d 2d handheld barcode scanner

Technological innovation brought us here today, and will eventually lead us to the future.

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