Inventory Management Sep 28 , 2021

Realizing New Intelligence Inventory Management by LONVILL.

Product warehousing
By using LONVILL handheld barcode scanner terminals, users can perform intelligent checking, counting and data reporting operations for incoming products. Accurate, fast and intelligent inventory operations are completed.

Inventory of goods

Using barcode technology, barcode labels are installed for each piece of goods to be inventoried, and the inventory personnel read/scan the barcode information on the goods by operating LONVILL smart handheld PDA data collector terminals.

Product Outbound

The warehouse manager receives the outbound information in real time through the handheld data terminal PDA and gives the optimal picking path. Scanning the goods barcode& electronic label automatically identifies and matches the outgoing goods.

Shelf shifting
The LONVILL barcode scanner is used to intelligently allocate and record the location of goods on the shelves, and intelligently provide the optimal storage path and picking path during the inbound and outbound operations.

Store Inventory Management
The bar code is used to mark and manage each product. Through our LONVILL handheld data collector which is integrated barcode data collection function, the1D & QR codeof the product can be scanned to automatically identify the product and record the status of the product, which can be uploaded in real time through wireless network.

Merchandise transfer (stock transfer)
Each item will be marked by barcode , and the product information can be quickly obtained and shared on the network by scanning with LONVILL portable mobile computer or barcode scanning gun.

Merchandise Guiding

Each product in the store is equipped with a unique identifiable barcode or RFID electronic tag, which is scanned by the LONVILL barcode scanner when the shopper is conducting merchandising.

Goods Picking
Staff receive distribution orders through LONVILL portable mobile computers and complete batch picking tasks by the shortest route according to the information guided by the LONVILL handheld data terminals.

Packing review

Quick check function with LONVILL handheld data terminal PDA, quick check function to improve packing efficiency.

Receiving goods

You can freely use LONVILL handheld PDA data collector for incoming orders, goods verification, and batch receiving.

Staff receive shelf/replenishment information through LONVILL handheld data collector and complete rapid replenishment according to guidelines, ensuring that pickers are not delayed by out-of-stock restrictions when picking.

Binding electronic price tags
Due to the large number of electronic price tags, the workload of matching products with electronic price tags is very large, LONVILL can provide efficient and reliable electronic price tag binding and maintenance solutions

Price/size/inventory checkup
Store staff can check the price, sales and inventory of goods in real time through the LONVILLmobile computer on hand, without going into the warehouse to check.

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