Barcode scanner module

IP54 Handheld 2.4G Buletooth 5.0 Barcode Scanner

V56(1D/2D): Buletooth5.0 Barcode Scanner With Charging Base;IP Rating IP54;Transmission Distance: Blue-tooth ≤50m ; Wifi 2.4G≤100m.It can easily read all kinds of low quality barcodes and high density barcodes such as bent, defaced and blurred.
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    Guangdong ,Shenzhen / Guangzhou
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    640 * 480 CMOS
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    1 Year
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IP54 BULETOOTH 5.0 /2.4G Wifi Handheld Barcode Scanner

Product Features

1. Adopting independent core decoding technology, it can easily read all kinds of low quality barcodes and high density barcodes such as bent, defaced and blurred.

2. Using Bluetooth5.0 transmission technology, with strong anti-interference and stable and reliable characteristics, to ensure the stable transmission of data.

3. It can withstand repeated drops from 1.8 meters to the ground and has IP54 protection level, while the structural design including the highly flexible trigger makes the product have excellent reliability and stability.

wifi barcode scanner

 buletooth barcode reader

wifi 2d barcode scanner

IP54 barcode scanner

IP54 barcode scanner reader

Image Sensor

640×480 CMOS

Illumination Aiming

Red LED 617nm LED


6500K LED


Bluetooth ≤50m ; Wifi 2.4G≤100m


2000 strips (500 characters each)



QR Code,Data Matrix,PDF417,Aztec code,Maxicode,etc.


UPC-A,UPC-E,EAN-8,EAN-13,Code 128,Code39,Code 93, Code11, 

Interleaved 2of 5,industrial 2 of 5,Matrix 2 of 5,Standard 2of 5, 

Coda bar, MSI Plessey,GS1, etc.

Typical Depth of Field

EAN-13: 50mm-250mm (13mil)

Code 39: 60mm-100mm (4mil)

QR Code: 40mm-300mm (20mil)

PDF 417:40mm-280mm (10mil)

Reading accuracy


Decoding rate

500 times per second

Drop specification


IP Rating


Symbol  Contrast


Scan Angle

Roll: 360°,  Pitch: ±60°,  Skew: ±60°




0 mA

Operating Voltage




Working time

3 to 7 days

Prompt mode

Indicator light, buzzer

Trigger mode 

Manual button, auto-sensing

Key life

500,000 times

Charging base indication

Place the barcode scan in the base, good contact buzzer 

drops two times, the green light is on to indicate that in 



5% to 95%  (non-condensing)

Ambient Light

0~100,000lux Max,Unreadable in strong sunlight



image barcode scanner

wireless image barcode scanner

Application Scenarios

Warehouse management

 ticketing management

warehouse logistics courier super

office management

electronic ticketing,etc.

handheld barcode scanner for supermaket

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