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LONVILL Barcode Scanner Takes the Stress Out of Air Travel Dec 16 , 2021

LONVILL Barcode Scanner Takes the Stress Out of Air Travel

With LONVILL barcode scanner, airport staff can scan customers' passports, boarding tickets and quickly complete the confirmation of customers' boarding information. Improve work efficiency.

Pleasing passengers with fast efficiency

Customers expect air travel operators to minimize waiting times and provide more personalized service. The use of scanning instruments will significantly reduce customer waiting times compared to the traditional manual inclusion of customer information

Quick operation with intelligent data collection terminals

Mobile, intelligent data collection terminals improve efficiency and tracking capabilities for baggage, lounge access and gates.

Reduce costs with IOT solutions

Replacing traditional inflexible infrastructure with IOT solutions can immediately reduce hardware costs, greatly increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.

LONVILL has barcode scanner,PDA, and scanner module can decode OCR and MRZ.

When you need to scan MRZ /OCR on ID card ,passport or license card, please kindly send us the clear copy. Then we will confirm whether it can scan well before you take sample.


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