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LONVILL industrial barcode scanner in E-commerce and Parcel/Postal Delivery Dec 24 , 2021

LONVILL industrial barcode scanners in scanning tunnel applications

What is Tunnel Scanning: Just like a truck moving goods through a tunnel, a conveyor belt transports goods through a series of scanning technologies to different endpoints, called scanning tunnels.

Tunnel scanning is the backbone of the distribution center to track and sort packages quickly and accurately. In fact, if there is no scanning tunnel, e-commerce, postal delivery and package transportation will become slow, which is why they are one of the most valuable tools in the logistics industry.

One of the most critical components of the scanning tunnel is the industrial barcode scanner used to decode the product information stored in the barcode, combined with the corresponding software, to guide the package to the correct destination.

LONVILL industrial barcode scanner has excellent decoding capabilities, even if the barcode is torn, wrinkled or blocked by plastic wrapping paper, it can scan accurately.

industrial barcode scanners

LONVILL industrial barcode scanner in E-commerce and Parcel/Postal Delivery

Here’s a look at the role of industrial barcode scanner in two critical logistics domains: e-commerce and parcel/postal delivery.

Logistics has always been one of the main beneficiaries of industrial barcode scanners in e-commerce operations. Many e-commerce companies have entered a mature period in the 21st century.More and more people are investing in e-commerce, which also makes e-commerce logistics mature, and establishes the best practice of bar code placement and packaging consistency in the distribution center to ensure fast and accurate throughput.

With the booming e-commerce sector, the large number of products that need to be shipped has led private parcel delivery companies to embrace more logistics technologies, such as new scanning technologies that require the cooperation of industrial fixed scanners.

For example, China Post is the introduction of industrial barcode scanners to reduce the cost of manual parcel sorting, and LONVILL industrial barcode scanners can handle severely damaged shipping labels.

LONVILL industrial barcode scanners have the following advantages for you to choose it as part of your scanning tunnel:

Superior barcode reading accuracy and speed for increased efficiency and throughput.

Advanced algorithms that can be combined with other software and easy installation, reducing maintenance and repair costs.

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