Manufacturing Sep 28 , 2021

Let enterprises achieve the intelligent management of material status and production process.

Production Management

With the help of sensors, readers and scanning technology, real-time data collection is carried out in each key link through handheld terminals, which can grasp the current material batches, production progress and inventory information in time and realize production transparency; through handheld mobile computer records, the whole process from suppliers to purchase,receipt and then to production processing and quality inspection is uploaded to the database in real-time through the network, so that the storage and production process can be accessed at any time, the use of material batches can be grasped in real-time, and the current production progress can be clarified to facilitate subsequent review.

Production Line Traceability

Establish the traceability system of the whole process, record the whole process from suppliers to purchase and receipt, then to production processing and quality inspection, and finally to reach consumers through handheld data collector, and upload the data to the database in real-time, trace the production process and materials used at any time, and clarify the source and destination of each production link; warehousing and production process error-proof early warning to ensure that logistics and production are carried out as required. Through personnel to determine the material inventory and set task guidance for handheld terminals, the handheld terminals can realize the prior prompting of raw material warehousing, production plan and operation instruction, quality inspection standard, process route guidance in the middle of the matter and BOM list, equipment operation standard, finished product out of the warehouse after the fact alarm.

Anti-counterfeiting and anti-crosstalk

Use sensor tags, readers and scanners to detect, discover and reject quality problems, and automatically alarm when encountering problematic parts to facilitate the management of defective products and avoid losing a lot due to smallness; form statistical reports for quality problematic parts to facilitate subsequent production adjustments; strictly control the flow of problematic parts and centralize processing to avoid inflow into the market and affect brand image.

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