Barcode scanner module

Mini size TTL USB 1d 2d fix mount barcode scanner

YJD900(1D/2D) :The fix mount barcode scanner has 2 communication interfaces, TTL232 and USB-HID, 4 modes of scanning barcodes, a high-precision red light scanning module, high sensitivity, and a scanning speed of up to 350 times/sec.

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Rich transmission interface

The fix mount barcode scanner has 2transmission interface :TTL-232/USB-HID.

Four Reading modes

Manual mode is the default reading mode, the single reading time range is 100ms~25900ms.

And the barcode reader also heve induction mode,continuous decoding mode and command trigger mode.

Using high-precision red light module

the fix qr code scanner using high-precision red light scanning module, high sensitivity, fast scanning speed (up to 350 times per second), strong decoding ability, can accurately read general incomplete barcodes.

Drop Resistance & Shockproof Design

Falling on the cement floor with no less than 1.5 meters on 6 sides (three times on each of 6 sides).

Fill light design,Automatic exposure control

There is a set of LEDs on this scanning scanner specially equipped to provide supplementary light when shooting and decoding.It can be set to motion detection mode with the fill light always on to protect the sensor when used in dark environments.The sensor on the 2D barcode scanner can automatically adjust the brightness of the fill light according to the intensity of the light reflected by the barcode. 

CMOS Screen Decoding

Easily to read barcode on the screen of mobile devices.

Excellent 1D/2D code reading performance

Adopt self-developed core decoding technology, can quickly read all kinds of 1D code, 2D barcode and all kinds of film of screen 2D barcode.Can accurately decode reflective barcodes, mirror flip barcodes, and read special barcodes in black and white reversed phase.

Mini Design

Integrated design, square and small, easy to embed in various devices as barcode reading components application.

fix mount barcode scanner

fix mount barcode reader

qr code scanner

fix barcode scanner

fix barcode reader

2d barcode scanner reader

Image sensor

640*480 CMOS





Horizontal view


Vertical View




QR Code、Micro QR、Data Matrix、PDF417


Code 128、EAN-13、EAN-8、UPC-E、UPC-A、ISBN、ISSN、Code11、

ITF-25(Interleaved20f 5)、Code39、Code93、Code32、Codabar 

Matrix2 of 5、Industrial 25、IATA 25、MSI Plessey

Typical  Depth of Field

EAN-13:45mm-270mm (13mil)


Code128:45mm-280mm (13mil)

QR Code:20mm-185mm (15mil)

Data Marix:30mm-120mm(10mil)

PDF 417:40mm-105mm (6.67mil)

Scan Angle

Roll: 360°,  Pitch: ±55°,  Skew: ±55° 

Symbol  Contrast


Reading accuracy



< 70g


36mm* 48mm* 25mm


TTL-232, USB (HID-KBW, virtual serial port)

Operating Voltage

DC +3.3V±5%


Standby   70mA

Operating voltage/current/power consumption

DC 3.3V/170mA/560mW


Operating Temperature:-20℃ to 60℃ 
Storage Temperature -40℃ to 80℃ 


5%RH~95%RH  (non-condensing) 

Ambient Light 



Withstands a 1.5 meter drop to a concrete floor

fixed mount barcode scanner

Application scenarios: courier cabinets, ticket machines, display kiosks, all kinds of self-service cabinet application equipment.


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