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LV800(1D/2D/QR): barcode reading engine, the application of the international leading chip UIMG® intelligent image recognition technology, creating a new era of image type 2d barcode reading engine.

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The 2d decoding chip perfectly integrates advanced UIMG® image recognition algorithm with advanced chip design and manufacturing technology, greatly simplifies the design of 2d barcode reading products, and sets up an excellent benchmark of high performance, high reliability and low power consumption for the automatic identification industry. LV800 can read all kinds of mainstream 1D barcode and standard 2D barcode (PDF 417, QR Code Model 1/2, Micro QR and various versions of Data Matrix).  It also supports gS1-DATABartM (RSS) bar code reading, including Limited, Stacked, Expanded and other versions. LV800's unique fully integrated design fully integrates image acquisition, illumination targeting and decoder in a very small size, which is both small and light with strong performance.  It is very suitable for embedding in products of various industries, such as self-service all-in-one machine, express delivery cabinet, self-service vending machine, etc.  

Product features:  

Integration design: 

Image collector and decoding board integration design, small size, light weight, can adapt to a variety of sets  In the application.  

High performance and low power consumption: 

Quickly and easily read 1D/2D barcodes in various applications, only one-third of the working power consumption of traditional engine products.

LCD, mobile phone barcode recognition: 

easily solve the increasingly common mobile phone barcode recognition problem.

fix mount barcode scanner

Image sensor :640×480 CMOS

Illumination : white LED

Aiming: red LED


2D :

QR Code、Micro QR、Data Matrix、PDF417

1D :

Code 128、EAN-13、EAN-8、UPC-E、UPC-A、ISBN、ISSN、Code11、

ITF-25(Interleaved 2 0f 5)、Code39、Code93、Code32、Codabar

Matrix 2 of 5、Industrial 25、IATA 25、MSI Plessey

Resolution ≥5mil

Typical Depth of Field:

EAN13 : 50mm -250mm (13mil) 

Code 39 : 55mm - 120mm (5mil) 

PDF 417 : 50mm - 110mm (6.67mil) 

Data Matrix : 25mm - 170mm (10mil) 

QR Code : 30mm - 180mm  (15mil) 

Symbol Contrast ≥ 30%

Scan Angle Roll:360°,Pitch:± 55°,Skew ± 55°

Field of View: Horizontal  35°,Vertical  27°

Interface:RS -232,USB(Optional)


Weight : 80g

Operating Voltage: 5 VDC

Current @ 5VDC

Operating current : 240 mA

Sleep current <6 uA


Operating  Temperature:-20℃~+60℃

Storage  Temperature: -40℃~+80℃

Ambient Light: 0~100,000LUX

Humidity:5% to 95%  (non-condensing)

International Certification : FCC Part15 Class B, CE EMC Class B


RS-232 data cable for connecting EVK3000 and information receiving host with adapter jack.

USB Data cable USB data cable for connecting the EVK3000 to the message receiving host.

Power adapter 5V power adapter with RS-232 data cable to power EVK3000

Its output is: DC5V, 2A; input is: AC100~240V, 50~60Hz.

Test conditions: ambient temperature=23℃; ambient illumination=300 LUX

Test conditions: Code 39, 3 Bytes; Minimum bar width = 10 mil; Aspect ratio = 3:1; PCS = 0.8; 

Barcode height = 11mm; Test distance = 120mm; Ambient temperature = 23°C; Ambient illumination = 300 LUX

fix mount barcode scanner

fix mount barcode scanner

fix mount barcode scanner

Application Scenarios:
-Self-service Ticket Machine
-Mobile Payment Cash Register
-Package Fetch Locker
-Gate Ticket Machine
-Retailer Superstores
-Warehouse Logistics
-Industrial Manufacturing

-Traffic travel

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