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PDA Smart Parking Management Solution : automatic license plate recognition, intelligent billing, self-service code payment Apr 20 , 2022

How to solve the problem of difficult parking management?

With the rapid growth of the global number of cars, urban parking resources are increasingly scarce,especially in tourist scenic area parking lots,township parking lots, etc., which are affected by geographical restrictions, irregular parking lot management and low level of intelligence, resulting in low efficiency of vehicle management, high labor cost and high disputes. How to effectively improve the management of parking lots and realize the intelligence and mobility of parking lot management is a big challenge for parking lot managers.


PDA requirement analysis for parking management system.

1. Parking lot construction is constrained by various aspects, and it is difficult to implement the high-cost large-scale parking lot construction plan.

2. Open parking lots on the road, with scattered areas and difficulty in unified management.

3. Manual recording of license plates, cumbersome procedures and low efficiency.

4. outdated human billing methods, high workload and error rates.

5. Inability to grasp the status of parking space usage in real time and low turnover rate of parking spaces.

6. Difficulty in implementing differentiated fees and serious loss of funds.

7. Confusing accounts and constant conflicts between owners and toll collectors.

8. The collectors charge indiscriminately and cannot check the whereabouts of the funds.

9. Other chain issues arising from the above problems.


Using the parking charge management system, based on the Internet of Things and cloud computing platform, it integrates software system and hardware equipment: license plate recognition handheld terminal + parking charge APP + backstage management system in a three-pronged approach, fully supporting the daily work of the operator side and the leadership control side of the parking lot. Through the handheld terminal, it realizes various functions such as intelligent license plate recognition, real-time collection and update of parking space data, automatic timing and billing, code collection and parking ticket printing by using technologies such as license plate recognition, wireless (GPRS/3G/4G/WIFI) network, QR code payment and collection, thermal printing and intelligent cloud platform.

Guangzhou Jingxin Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a relevant parking fee management system, which only requires a license plate recognition handheld terminal + parking fee APP + background management system, which can solve all the troubles, improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and clear accounts.

handheld barcode scanner PDA for Parking

Build a comprehensive service platform for unified management of on-street parking

Functional Advantages

1. Flexible configuration of charging mode

Jingxin Technology parking fee management system adopts common billing algorithm, which can be freely and flexibly configured according to the parking management needs, such as: time charge, annual card charge, monthly card charge, time period charge, charge by time, fusion ladder charge, etc.

2. Vehicle plate recognition

Support recognizing license plate of many countries (if needed, please contact salesman and send relevant information to technical staff for testing). Day and night, within 1~3 meter scan be recognized, and there cognition speed is fast and the recognition accuracy is high.

3. Intelligent billing

The charging staff connects to the cloud server through the license plate recognition handheld terminal, collects and compares the license plate number, and automatically times and charges the parking fee by combining with the charging standard implemented in the road section. It completes data transmission of vehicle parking payment business, including vehicle access account inquiry, parking space usage status update, arrears recovery, online payment and other operations, providing technical guarantee for data security and data synchronization update that parking fee operators are concerned about.

On-street parking fee PDA management program

4. Synchronized parking record

Through the "reverse push" technology, the system automatically obtains the changes of parking data. Realize real-time synchronization and update of parking records between server and handheld terminal. It avoids inconsistency between vehicle waiting and parking space availability data, and reduces conflicts and disputes between vehicle owners and charging staff. The information of vacant and used parking spaces in the whole field is clear at a glance, which can precisely guide and improve the turnover rate of parking spaces.

5. Black and white list

Unified management of all admission vehicle information. White list can be set for special vehicle license plate to automatically remind toll collectors of vehicle information. Adopt the way of cloud to recover the arrears of fees, the arrears of vehicles re-entry parking active detection, issued black list prompt. The toll collector makes different handling methods according to the nature of the black and white list license plate. It can display the details of arrears as the basis for recovery, and the toll collector will make reasonable recovery.

6. Intelligent account calculation

The system automatically reads the names of key chargeable items in parking fees, and each transaction is clear and accurate, forming a revenue report. Intelligent billing reminder helps the toll collectors to complete each charging operation accurately even though they are working at high intensity. At the same time, it is convenient for managers to carry out effective fund supervision, and the details of fees are clearly visible to prevent fee collectors from causing economic loss to the parking lot due to human relations or favoritism and corruption.

On-street parking fee PDA management program

Application Effectiveness

Better parking experience:

1. Automatic timing and billing avoid charge disputes and improve the payment rate; accurately grasp the usage of parking spaces and see the status of the whole parking space at any time to improve the turnover rate of parking spaces.

2. Cities - Ease road traffic pressure and make travel and parking easier.

3. Improve the ability of illegal parking management; relieve the pressure of urban parking; improve the overall image of the city.

4. Parking operation business - optimizing management and increasing revenue.

5. Reduce labor costs; simplify the parking fee process, accurate and efficient billing; synchronized update of parking space dynamics, accurate guidance; busy/idle time price segmentation charges; increase parking business income; small program/APP/background management system multi-terminal view, strengthen fund supervision.

On-street parking fee PDA management program

Products Of Solution

Hardware Product:LONVILL Handheld Smart Parking Scanner

Main functions: license plate scanning recognition, thermal printing, code collection, GPS positioning, fill light, etc.

Software product: LONVILL system management software

Main functions: license plate recognition, zoning management, charging rule setting, parking space status view, automatic timing and billing, income report statistics, etc.

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