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Public transportation barcode payment application solution Jan 13 , 2022

Bus Barcode Payment Application Scheme

Industry background:

1. Difficulty in one-card real-name system: The one-card real-name system involves problems such as purchase, loss reporting and operation capacity, which is difficult to meet the requirements of large passenger flow operation;

2. Difficult change counting/supply: bus, subway and bank institutions have great pressure of change counting and supply;

3. Low efficiency of recharge/payment: there is a large flow of people at the subway service window, congestion of vehicles at the high-speed toll station, cumbersome recharge/payment procedures and low efficiency;

4. Development trend of mobile payment: In the era of mobile payment, Alipay and wechat Payment have become the "new favorites" of post-8090 generation.

bus barcode scanner

System overview:

Using bar code automatic identification technology in the mobile payment business into one cartoon, will carry a smartphone into a bus card unmolested, realize mobile payment APP for bus travel charge, passenger self-service "brush yards pay" function, so as to help the public traffic integration function service industry customers, improve passenger travel experience.

bus barcode scanner

System structure:

(1) Bar code payment system

Transaction support: support wechat and Alipay payment,

Management support: support the management of bus companies, lines, vehicles and payment terminals.

(2) Vehicle-mounted payment terminal

Adapt to the vehicle environment, support 4G network, read mobile phone screen code.

bus barcode scanner module

Basic process:

(1) Users open Alipay or wechat wallet and click "Pay" to enter the payment page. The payment code is displayed on the mobile phone.

(2) The payment terminal scans the payment code and initiates a payment request to the bus payment system.

(3) The bus payment system calls the corresponding payment interface, and returns the result to the terminal after completing the payment.

Capital flow:

The system will deduct the money in real time, and the money will enter the account of the bus company.

2d barcode scanner module

Function introduction:

bus payment barcode scanner

Function introduction -- company management

The realization of the bus company information management, the realization of the bus company information increase, delete, change, check.

Function introduction - line management

Realize bus line information management, realize line increase, delete, change, check, support terminal ticket price Settings.

Function introduction - car management

The realization of each line vehicle information management, vehicle information to achieve the increase, delete, change, check.

Function introduction -Terminal management

Manage the on-board payment terminal of each vehicle.

Function introduction -transaction management

1. Transaction flow inquiry and statistics: can query transaction flow information according to date, transaction order number, etc.

2, abnormal flow query: to achieve failed transaction flow query.

Function introduction -Abnormal flow query

Abnormal flow query: to achieve failed transaction flow query.

Function introduction -System management

Realize the system user management, role management,users with different roles have different operation rights.

Product introduction:

Bus payment terminal-Barcode Scanner Module

P20-Bus payment terminal integrates Alipay/wechat scanning code payment and NFC payment, perfectly interprets the new "fast payment" service experience of "Internet +" with information means, and helps "smart bus" achieve new breakthroughs.

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