Public Utilities Sep 28 , 2021

The introduction of LONVILL mobile IOT terminals helps you save  labor costs greatly.

Large-scale public-event/performance/conference/release/exhibition

When entering the exhibition, visitors present their tickets or QR codes, and staff useLONVILL bar code scanner or PDA to verify the QR codes, optionally combined with ID card recognition or face recognition and other personnel information verification methods, uploaded to the back-end server for comparison and recording. To achieve a safe, fast and accurate entrance verification.

Park/Tourist Area

By scanning the QR code on the visitor's ticket through the LONVILL barcode scanners or PDA, the information of ticketing time, ticket window and ticket agent of the ticket held by the visitor can be displayed, and the whole ticketing process is all completed within 10 seconds.

Transportation ticketing

The preparation before the implementation of the matching program, ID card identification, face recognition authorization, and the passenger network system and APP together. Before boarding, identify passenger ID card / face information,scan the electronic/paper ticket QR code and verify with the information on service network system , check the number of train and carriage. After boarding, the program system APP shows newly added seats at each station , passengers who got off and the color of seats that should be vacant. Just screen the information it shows.With our information verification program, personnel verification could be accurate and fast. Besides, you could manage the inventory of the goods sold on the train and other consumbles with our products.

Dairy traceability anti-counterfeit and anti-cross talk

By using LONVILL handheld terminal to scan the QR code at the bottom of the product can quickly check its authenticity, realize product quality traceability, and for products with quality problems, they can be traced back to the source supplier, fundamentally realizing zero counterfeit products. In addition, the LONVILL handheld terminal can be used to scan the products in and out of the main warehouse and sub-stores, and correlate the basic data of products with the data of dealers to realize anti-falsification.

Anti-counterfeiting and traceability of livestock and aquatic products

Based on the anti-counterfeiting and traceability management system of livestock and aquatic products with LONVILL handheld data terminal, the QR code plastic buckle bundled on the livestock and aquatic products is scanned to collect biometric information such as images of livestock and aquatic products and associated production information of livestock and aquatic products (producer, production date, breeding method, trademark, origin, etc.).

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