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RFID Intelligent Parking Management Solution Jun 24 , 2022

RFID Intelligent Parking Management Solution

1. Add a set of long-distance reading card equipment at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, so that the parking lot forms a relatively closed place

2. For the fixed users entering and leaving the parking lot, as long as the long-distance range card (RFID tag) is attached to the windshield of the car, every time the vehicle reaches the induction range of 5 to 10 meters before the parking lot gate, the system can instantly complete the inspection, record, accounting, charging and other work, and the blocking gate automatically opens and closes.

3. For the temporary users in and out of the parking lot, still adopt the way of taking the card to check the card to park and charge.

4. The system can support the use of electric blocking gates, voice prompts, high-resolution color fixed cameras and other equipment to ensure fast and efficient service and transparent charges.

RFID Intelligent Parking Management Solution

Shortcomings of traditional parking management

1. Using the way of card taking and card checking to enter and exit the parking lot, the procedure is complicated and the waiting time is long

2. Parking fee is charged according to the time, which is prone to the phenomenon of charging personnel charging indiscriminately

3. High cost of management personnel and low work efficiency

RFID parking management advantages

1. Fixed users do not need to park, automatic inspection and charging, simple, convenient, no waiting

2. Parking fees are collected in advance to increase revenue

3. Prevent charging staff from charging indiscriminately

4. Save the cost of management personnel expenditure, improve efficiency and economic benefits

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Related RFID hardware products

RFID UHF long-distance range reader writer C3A, Guangzhou Jingxin UHF long-distance range reader, C3A is a high-performance UHF UHF electronic tag integrated machine.

The advantages of C3A long-distance range read-write

1. The product has multi-protocol compatible, read rate fast, waterproof appearance design, to meet the requirements of harsh working environment

2. Fully support ISO-18000-6C (EPC G2) electronic tags.

3. Support USB, RS232 and Wiegand26/34 and other communication methods.

4. output power up to 30dbm adjustable, support timing mode, master-slave mode, trigger mode and other working modes.

5. Widely used in vehicle access control, non-stop automatic fee collection, personnel access control management, logistics monitoring, production automation management, parking lot management, mine car weighing, anti-counterfeiting system and production process control and other fields.

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