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  • Which supermarket barcode scanning are recommended?
    Which supermarket barcode scanning are recommended? If you are a supermarket inventory manager then one of the tools you need most is a barcode scanner. Bar code scanners make it easy for buyers to sort and call up prices at checkout, ensuring that the steady flow of transactions is not interrupted. They can also keep track of all your inventory and send and store data in files or documents on you...
  • How to choose a barcode scanner for recycling vending machines?
    How to choose a barcode scanner for recycling vending machines? What is a recycling vending machine? Recycling vending machines, or commonly known as reverse vending machines (RVMs). They are machines where people can return empty beverage containers (such as bottles and cans) for recycling. In countries and regions where there are container deposit laws, the machine will usually return the deposi...
  • Access control management solution - embedded qr code scanners for turnstiles
    LONVILL embedded qr code scanners for turnstiles With the birth of barcodes, traditional paper tickets have been gradually replaced by 2D barcodes displayed on the screen. Especially in the field of access control. By scanning the 2D code in the electronic ticket, the visitor's information record or the information record on the ticket can be obtained very quickly. This article is for the discussi...
  • Fixed barcode scanning for seafood product lines
    Fixed barcode scanning for seafood product traceability Issue/problem: In Germany, seafood products are required to be traceable. All aspects of seafood sold at stalls, from production, processing, storage, transport and sale, must be recorded and documented. Seafood products must also be labelled with the producer, production process, origin and company name, production date and shelf life, certi...
  • How to solve the problem of barcode scanning under direct sunlight?
    Issues/problems In Saudi Arabia, the sunlight is usually disturbing the QR code scanners because of too much light heating the scanner. In direct sunlight outdoor parking lot, a customer takes his phone out to scan a barcode at thefee window. The speed and accuracy of barcode scanning was affected by the intense sunlight. Solution: Select LONVILL's Y80 embedded barcode scanner Click on this l...
  • Application of fixed scanner on pharmacode
    Application of fixed scanner on pharmacy code Barcode reading Application description: One-dimensional codes need to be checked at a high speed. For short exposure time and good contrast, LVSCAN-RD716-3 are recommended.
  • The application of industrial fixed mount barcode scanner
    The application of industrial fixed mount barcode scanner in industrial production line In the production line, we can see the products are quickly scanned, unqualified products can be quickly found; in the food inspection workshop we can find the unqualified products in a second in the seemingly chaotic items, in this kind of high-efficiency production line, inevitably we can alway...
  • Food and beverage cans, beverage bottles barcode reading solution
    Case Beer bottle cap and bottle body 1d 2dcode reading & aluminum beverage can DPM code reading Application requirements: 1. barcode reading on metal beer bottle cap; barcode reading on glass beer bottle body 2. DPM code recognition on the surface of aluminum beverage cans Project requirements: Application difficulties: dynamic code reading; fast; reflective Coding process: laser; spray c...
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