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The animal electronic ear tag application and management Jul 04 , 2022

The animal electronic ear tag application and management

With the development of breeding industry, also in order to facilitate the unified management of animal husbandry, many farms have used RFID electronic ear tag and ear tag equipment, plus many countries stipulate the requirements of raising pigs, cattle, raising and other animals need to wear electronic ear tag, electronic ear tag and its ear tag equipment in animal breeding management also become very common. The electronic ear tag is mainly used in the daily animal breeding management, epidemic prevention and inspection management, identity traceability and so on.

animal ear tag reader

The farm personnel wear electronic ear tags for animals are divided into low frequency ear tags (134.2kHz) and ultra-high frequency electronic ear tags (920-925MHz). Among them, because the ultra-high frequency electronic ear tag is easily affected by external factors, such as liquid and metal and other materials interference, will appear leakage, serial reading and misreading and other phenomena, to animal management has brought great inconvenience. And the low frequency electron label wavelength is long, the penetration is strong, can penetrate out the metal material outside any material but does not shorten its reading distance, and the electromagnetic field energy can produce the relatively uniform read-write area, is very suitable for the close range, the low speed, the data volume request less recognition application. Therefore, in the animal breeding management mostly uses the low frequency electronic ear tag for the management breeding.

134.2khz pet tag reader

Based on the low-frequency electronic tag in the animal breeding on the large area use, here mainly introduces reads the low-frequency electronic ear ID tag identification equipment. Ear mark distinguishing equipment is mainly divided into fixed reading ear mark equipment and mobile reading ear mark equipment these two kinds. The fixed reading ear tag equipment is mainly fixed at the exit and return channel, intelligent weighing machine, and cattle holding frame. When animals enter and exit the channel, intelligent weighing machine, cattle holding frame, the fixed type reading ear tag equipment reading equipment senses the electronic ear tag, can automatically read the information entered in the electronic ear tag, and upload the acquired information to the computer (system management), the computer will upload the data to be organized, and then display it. The biggest feature of the mobile ear tag reading device is that it is not limited by the location and power supply. The battery supplies power, supports Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G and other communications to meet the requirements of outdoor operations, and the data information is displayed on the device display in real time.

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