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The application of industrial fixed mount barcode scanner Jun 29 , 2022
The application of industrial fixed mount barcode scanner in industrial production line

In the production line, we can see the products are quickly scanned, unqualified products can be quickly found; in the food inspection workshop we can find the unqualified products in a second in the seemingly chaotic items, in this kind of high-efficiency production line, inevitably we can always see the figure of fixed industrial code reader.

Today, we can find barcodes in almost any electronic and consumer product. The use of 1D barcodes or 2dcodes has helped manufacturers automate and streamline their supply chain management, inventory management, inspection and purchasing processes, thereby significantly reducing management costs.

A6500,ID3000 high speed barcode scanning in assembly line logistics sorting use. Guangzhou Jingxin Technology fixed industrial grade barcode reader can read various base color barcodes.

industrial fixed barcode reader

industrial fixed barcode scanner

One-dimensional barcode

Also known as a "linear barcode," a machine-readable code that represents data in terms of the width of the lines and the spacing between parallel lines. Common 1D barcodes include, but are not limited to: GS1; UPC (Universal Product Code), commonly used in the retail and consumer goods industries; EAN, a barcode widely used in the European Union; and Code 128, which can describe any ASCII 128 character and is commonly used in the logistics industry.

2D Matrix Code

A machine-readable code that stores data in both horizontal and vertical directions. Common 2D codes include: DataMatrix, a code widely used in the aerospace, defense, print media and U.S. Postal Service industries; Maxicode, a dot matrix-based code commonly used in logistics applications; QR codes, a code widely used in automotive and commercial marketing applications; and Aztec, a code commonly used by ticketing agents and car rental companies. Aztec, a code often used by ticket agencies and car rental companies.

barcode scanner for conveyor

For production lines, fixed scanners play a big role and can help companies to inspect products more accurately and efficiently. Guangzhou Jingxin Technology Co., Ltd. recommends the use of industrial fixed 2D scanner, ID3000, scanning speed 84 barcodes per second: 360 degree reading of 1D and 2D codes; fast global shutter: extraordinary motion tolerance, barcodes of high-speed moving products on the assembly line, various base color surface barcodes, laser engraved DPM barcodes, reflective surface barcodes, etc. can be read easily and quickly. Scanning accuracy: SR standard accuracy, HD 3mil high accuracy (fine code).

Guangzhou LONVILL provides professional fixed barcode scanner, industrial code reader, industrial vision equipment integrated solutions, according to the actual customer production line needs can provide customized solutions. Designed for applications that do not require long-term operator monitoring: barcode reading for tracking & tracing, omnidirectional stations for sorting and tracking, image processing for inspection and quality control, OCR and OCV for verification, most common industrial interfaces and protocols, easy to integrate in any industrial equipment. We can provide fixed mount bar code scanners, embedded kiosk barcode scanners, 1D barcode scanners,2d code scanners,qr code reader and many other products for various scenarios.

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