Warehouse Logistics Sep 28 , 2021

LONVILL helps to create efficient, convenient and fast logistics information management

Inventory Management

By adopting the LONVILL handheld terminal, we can perform intelligent check, statistics and data reporting for incoming goods, and complete the incoming operation accurately, efficiently and intelligently.

Outbound Management

Warehouse managing staffreal-timely receive outbound information through LONVILL handheld mobile computer, andcarry outthe optimal picking path. Scan the barcode of goods to automatically identify and compare outbound goods.

Shelf shifting

Use the LONVILL handheld barcode scanner PDA to intelligently allocate and record the location of goods on the shelves, intelligently provide the optimal storage path and picking path during inbound and outbound operations.

Warehouse inspection

Through regular inspections,you can ensure the authenticity of inventory and warehouse status, enhance the functions of dataanalysis and statistical, improve the efficiency of in handling defects.

Transshipment Warehouse Sorting

In goods transit sorting work, by using handheld data collector intelligent identification instead of manual sorting of goods, real-time recording of goods status, location and flow information.

Signing and dispatching

When receiving the goods, you can sign on the handheld portable mobile computer to confirm, and in case of cargo disputes, you can also take pictures in real-time to obtain evidence and upload them to the management system in real-time through the wireless network.

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