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What are some recommendations for high quality and cost effective DPM scan modules? Mar 24 , 2022

What is DPM code?

DPM code is not a real barcode type, but a special marking technology, generally called "direct parts marking", which can be marked directly on the surface of the parts without a marking carrier such as paper labels, with two-dimensional code marking mostly, and the most common barcode type of DPM code is dataMatrix two-dimensional code.

The parts that use DPM code for marking, generally the surface area allowed for marking is small, so the DPM code needs to choose the 2D code with large coding capacity and small size, and the dataMatrix 2D code has large coding capacity, high density, high information security, so the dataMatrix 2D barcode becomes the most commonly used barcode type of DPM code .

The role of DPM codes.

DPM codes are afixed part of the productandcan form graphics and text directly on the surface of the part for the same lifetime as the part,DPM codes areidentifiable and therefore traceable throughout the life of the product and do not interfere with the product as it continues to be processed."Direct Part Marking"enables permanent part tracking when parts are subjected to adverse or harsh environmental conditions and other identification methods are not available. This results in reduced downtime, overhead and costs, while increasing business efficiency.

How to make DPM code?

There are three main methods of making DPM codes: laser etching, machine impact, and inkjet printing.

1. Laser Etching :Marking quality and resolution is very high, non-contact and permanent.

laser etching barcode scanner

2. Machine impact: initial cost is relatively low, portable and permanent.

DPM code scanner

3. Inkjet printing : Very high speed, low initial cost, can be done without contact.

DPM barcode reader

Application of DPM code.

DPM codes have been widely used in quality traceability and product tracking management in the fields of manufacturing, food supervision, drug supervision, aerospace and other fields.

Recommended module for DPM code recognition, accurate and fast decoding.

The LONVILL A20 seriesis an excellent DPM scanning module for modern automated production, which uses a megapixel(1280 * 800)camera with industrial decoding technology to achieve efficient image recognition at a maximum rate of 70 frames per second for fast reading of DPM codes in circulation. The A20-SR is equipped with laser dot aiming, which is clearly visible, and four high-brightness color LEDs, which can provide intelligent switching of white, blue and red colors, and the A20-SR is equipped with software with rich intelligent debugging modes, which can achieve the best barcode reading requirements through simple debugging in the field for various complex applications. It is also equipped with a professional PC software debugging tool, which makes debugging clearly visible and efficient. The A20-SR can be embedded in all aspects of the production process where DPM scanning is required, such as production lines, automatic sorting, etc. The A20-SR uses a universal 12pin ZIF connector and 3.3 volt power supply, supports TTL and USB and USB analog serial signal output, and has buzzer, LED and other indication interfaces and external trigger signal output and external LED control I/O, etc. A20-DP,A20-HD is the upgraded version of A20-SR, which can be ordered directly or customized.

If you need a DPM stationary scanner, click on this link "A65 Industrial Stationary Scanner" to view basic information about this stationary scanner that can scan multiple barcodes simultaneously.

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