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YJD600(1D/2D/QR) OEM Barcode Scanner Module for Vending Machine

YJD600(1D/2D/QR): is two-dimensional barcode scanning module, which can be used to embed various self-service devices.   It is small in size, easy to install, double fill light, scan code fast.   The embedded module also features dual LED modes for good reading even when illuminated with white LEDS at night. Red LED focusing, accurate reading.
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    Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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    TTL-232, USB
  • Image Sensor:

    640×480 CMOS
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    2 Years
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Guangzhou Jingxin YJD600 is a product independently researched and developed by our company. The 2D barcode scanning module is designed for embedding all kinds of self-service devices. It is small in size, simple in installation, double fill light, fast in scanning code, and adopts 640*480CMOS sensor to effectively read bar codes and 2D codes. The embedded module also has a dual LED mode, with good reading ability even at night when using white LED lighting. Red LED is used for focusing, which can accurately read bar codes and qr codes.  The reading accuracy of this module is ≥5mil, and it has good reading ability for the problem codes.  It can scan all kinds of codes, which is suitable for the scanning function of PDA and other tablet devices, and can also be applied to the scanning function of smart express cabinets and temporary storage cabinets in supermarkets. 

4 Advantages

A highly integrated image-based two-dimensional scanning module

Compact And Portable Size

The module is highly integrated, compact in size, the minimum size is only 1 cm, and the scan head weighs less than 7 grams. It can be easily integrated in various industrial equipment and application environments, or embedded in various OEM products (including handheld, scanning guns, Convenient and fixed barcode collectors) etc.


Powerful Algorithm Recognition

Advanced Image Tecognition Algorithm

Can easily read all kinds of 1D barcode and QR barcode


Powerful Scanning Performance

Adapt To Harsh & Complex Environments

Strong Reading Ability

Under a variety of lighting environments and a larger temperature and humidity range , it also can provide excellent scanning and reading performance.

Four Reading Modes

Smart Core Upgrade, Good Quality

ARM CORTEX 32-bit High-performance Integrated Chip

Fully integrated image acquisition, lighting aiming and decoder, small and light, strong performance

Manual Mode | Continuous Mode | Induction Mode | Command Trigger Mode

compact size barcode scanner module

compact size barcode scanner engine

compact size barcode scanner engine

2d barcode scanner engine

fast decoding barcode scanner module

auto sensing embeddes barcode scaner

Image sensor :640×480 CMOS

Illumination : white LED

Aiming: red LED

Data Capture:

2D :

QR Code、Micro QR、Data Matrix 、PDF417、Code 128、EAN-13 、EAN-8、UPC-E、


1D :

ITF-25(Interleaved 2 0f 5)、Code39、Code93、Code32、Codabar、Matrix 2 of 5、

Industrial 25、IATA 25、MSI Plessey 

Resolution ≥5mil

Typical Depth of Field:

EAN-13 : 45mm-270mm (13mil)

Code39 : 50mm-115mm (5mil )

Code128 : 45mm-280mm (13mil)

QR Code : 20mm-185mm (15mil )

Data Marix : 30mm-120mm (10mil )

PDF 417 : 40mm-105mm (6.67mil )

Symbol Contrast≥10%

Scan Angle Roll:360°,Pitch:± 55°,Skew ± 55°

Field of View: Horizontal  35°,Vertical  27°

Interface: TTL-232, USB (HID-KBW、Virtual Serial Interface)


Operating Voltage DC 3.3V/170mA/560mW,Idle:70mA


Operating  Temperature:-20℃~+60℃

Storage  Temperature: -40℃~+80℃

Ambient Light: 0~100,000LUX

Humidity:5% to 95%  (non-condensing)

Test conditions: ambient temperature = 23°C; ambient illumination = 360 LUX daylight; 

paper codes using TMS custom test codes.  

Offset test conditions: test distance = (min. depth of field + max. depth of field)/2; 

2D: QR CODE; 10 Bytes; min. bar width = 15 mil; PCS = 0.8;

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Product Industry and Application

Mobile Payment Cash Register

Applicable to offline retail industries such as supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, clothing stores, pharmacies, etc. Best choice for passport barcode scanner,OCR barcode scanner,MRZ barcode scanner.

Mobile Ticket Scanning

Suitable for movie theaters, tourist attractions industry, etc., convenient and fast.

Gate Ticket Use

Can be used in hotels, communities, subways, and companies

Supermarket Automatic Lockers

Suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets etc.


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