YJD700 scanner module - the "invisible" assistant Feb 11 , 2022

YJD700 scanner module -the "invisible" assistant

When it is discussed about barcode reader equipment, many people's mind is the handheld barcode scanneron the market, or the desktop barcode scanner platform.

However, among the types of scanning devices, there is another type that is often seen in our lives, but is often overlooked because of its "concealment", and this bar code scanning device is the hidden embedded scanner module.They can be installed in handheld bar code scanner,vending machines, self-service retail terminals, medical self-service terminals, self-service payment devices and other collection application scenarios.

enbed barcode reader

In many payment terminals we can see such a scene: pull out the cell phone Alipay or WeChat payment code in the terminal device "QR code scanning port" a brush, speedy completion of payment even without the wallet, save time and effort! After getting coupons on WeChat public number, Alipay small program or other channels, cell phone QR code will be generated, and you can get the discount of purchasing a certain product byscanning on the "code window" on the designated machine; in first-tier cities, you only need to align the cell phone QR code with the code reading window of the bus QR code device to enjoy convenient payment... In the era of mobile payment, many payment terminals are difficult to leave this intelligent induction recognition embedded QR code scanner module, integrating its QR code automatic recognition, collection and data transmission performance, and seamless docking.

As an important solution provider of barcode scanning and identification equipment,Guangzhou Jingxin provides a series of dedicated embedded wide-angle reader modules, 2D code scanner modules, 2D code reader equipment and technical services for self-service terminal equipment with powerful scanning performance. Whether it is a paper barcode with rough printing and smudges, or an electronic barcode on a dim cell phone display, it can be easily scanned. Delicate and compact structure, easy to install. Scanning window with large viewing angle sensor for multi-angle reading. Support USB, TTL-232 and RS232 serial ports, which can be easily integrated into the most popular devices nowadays. It has become the ideal fixed scanning solution for self-service kiosks and self-service terminals. If you are interested in barcode scanners for such applications, please call us for consultation and negotiation!

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Product Recommendation

LONVILL YJD700 adopts 2D image scanning method to recognize 1D,2D barcode. They apply a full set of patented technology developed by our company, with powerful recognition performance. Support automatic continuous scanning mode, fast and flexible scanning speed.

Main features.

Fully self-developed, with a full set of patents, plug-and-play without installing drivers.

Wide voltage design, avoiding the situation that data transmission cannot be uploaded due to voltage fluctuation.

It adopts 32-bit main control chip equipped with patented software, which can smoothly decode reflective, wrinkled, blurred and color barcodes, and can decode normally in strong and dark light environment.

The use of full tantalum capacitors and anti-oxidation optical process, to avoid the traditional scanning gun after a period of time to use the sensitivity decline problem.

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